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AVG antivirus program review

At present AVG antivirus program is one among the best used software tools by computer professionals all over the world. AVG virus protection can safeguard your data from troubles like viruses, trojan and various finds of theft. This software program is installed with files that can prevent identity theft of files. This helps businesses to enhance its performance in businesses without any difficulty.

Link scanning and email scanning

Proper scanning of links while browsing plays a crucial role in protecting laptop and other devices from viruses. AVG allows easier scanning of downloadable links during browsing time. It is an apt choice of software program to block the opening of webpages that contain viruses. Email scanning is another main feature of AVG virus protection. Many among the frauds had tried to attack computer professionals by sending emails that contain viruses. Proper use of AVG antivirus program can help users to block emails that contain trojan and other viruses.

Remote management and Smart scanning programs

Remote management technology is a key feature of AVG software program. As per technology, remote management allows user to install AVG program in different computers from single location. This user friendly operation saves both time and money synchronously without any difficulty. Advanced scanning options like smart scanning is a vital feature of AVG virus program. This feature allow computer to scan files even when professionals are not in work.

Enhanced mobile phone security

Enhanced security option for mobile phones is a feature of AVG virus program. Mobile phone users in search of the best virus protection program to safeguard their data files in cell phones can make use of this app as per the need. How to safeguard data files in lost computer and lost cell phone? This is a common query heard from professionals. Anti-theft featured in AVG antivirus can help users to safeguard their data in lost computer and mobile phones.

Camera trap is another feature that allows mobile phone and computer owners to safeguard their data and trap thieves. It capture photo of device users silently when password is typed incorrectly for more than three times.

Various AVG virus protection programs

At present, people can get AVG antivirus program from online stores at free of cost. Also, this antivirus program allow computer to install updates automatically. AVG virus protection for businesses can be now availed from online stores for just $ 35.99. File server protection is a main feature of this antivirus program.

Apart from file server protection, this program is also equipped with advanced features like anti-theft and customer support. AVG for Android phones can be availed from online stores at $7.99. At present, this online virus protection program is available with app lock, device lock and camera trap features.

Social networking protection and pop up messages

Social network protection is another main feature of AVG virus software. There is no need to install any special programs here. AVG can automatically scan files and pop messages that come through social media platforms like Facebook and MySpace. AVG antivirus program do not allow browser extension programs while providing messages regarding scanning process. Users are generally updated with pop up messages of
the scanning processes of files.