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Ultimate Avira Review: What’s New in Avira Antivirus 2019 Edition?

Wonder whether Avira Antivirus will live up to your expectations. In this Avira Antivirus Review, you will find out what are the main pros, cons, and peculiarities of the software. We will discuss essential aspects: performance, reliability, safety, and service. Avira is one of the most well-established antivirus software providers. The new Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 edition is even more effective at detecting and eliminating threats including ransomware. It is also extremely lightweight and fast. This is what the developed claims. Upon thorough testing of the software, we are ready to share our findings in this Avira review.

Avira Antivirus 2019 boasts

Ransomware protection;  Optimal price for 5+ devices; Web & mail protection; 100% detection rate in AV-Test trials.

Avira Antivirus 2019 is highly recommended for

Those who need to protect home computers. ? Not tech-savvy users who value intuitive navigation. Users looking for a complex security suite.

Let’s compare Avira’s pros and cons


Great performance results in independent tests. The basic free version includes all essential features. A wide range of useful instruments, including VPN, with paid tiers.


Real-time protection isn’t effective against a few new viruses. Web-protection is for Chrome and Firefox only. Free package will bombard you with popups

Reliability And Security

Avira Antivirus 2019 has earned high rankings from independent AV-tests lab. It offers 100% protection against web and email threats, and zero-day threats. In malware test, it gained 99.9% score. In the real-world protection test (September 2018), Avira blocked 99.5% of threats showing only one false positive. What about other types of threats? Avira has a few additional tools, including: 1. Ransomware Protection. Avira does not leave cybercriminals a chance to get their hands on your device. It will even protect you from zero-day ransomware. There are no customized settings, though. You can only switch the feature on and off 2. Phishing protection. Users who communicate and shop online on a daily basis will have their personal information safe from hackers. In most cases. Avira managed to detect 60-70% of malicious websites only. All Avira versions, including the Free edition, come with above-mentioned protection layers. If you need extra online protection, consider ordering Avira Prime. It includes Avira’s Phantom VPN Pro ? an instrument for safe browsing.

Avira Performance and Scanning Options

Avira Antivirus 2019 offers all essential types of computer scanning. Users can perform the full computer scan or local drive scans. Aside from it, there’s a customized scan option: user is free to select which files and folders are to be checked. Home Guard network scanner is a free add-on. It will help you fix the vulnerabilities your home network devices may have. Avira Free System Speedup is another add-on. It would scan your computer software to optimize the device performance. After examining your PC, it will suggest to delete temporary files, cache data, unused applications, etc. With a paid version you get broader optimization functionality. As for performance impact, the updated Avira 2019 edition is not resource hungry at all. The antivirus doesn’t interfere with other background processes, so you can use your PC as usual while it’s running.

Avira Interface

The program’s interface didn’t change much, so if you used Avira Antivirus before, you will have no troubles navigating the new version. The layout is plain and simple. The main menu shows your current protection status. Available modules, scanning options, quarantine folder, and activity logs are all there within one click reach. Below, there’s a settings button.

Available Packages and Extras

There are several packages available: ? Avira Antivirus Free provides all essential layers of protection. Ransomware protection, phishing attacks prevention and even a VPN are included. ? Avira Antivirus Pro costs $44.99/year per one device and comes with better system tune-up capabilities, ad-blocking feature, and firewall control. The latter lets you gain more control over the Windows Firewall. For three devices, it will cost $57/year. ? Avira Internet Security extras include safe password storage and online accounts protection. It would also automaticity update your software and fix any detected vulnerabilities the programs may have. The price starts from $57.99 for one device. Three and five-devices licenses will cost you $70.99 and $83.99 respectively. ? Avira Prime is the premium package that combines all Avira paid products. For $99.99 you’ll get antivirus, VPN, Password manager, as well as System Updater and Optimizer for 5 devices. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android-based devices are all covered. The unlimited plan will cost you $129.99/year. You can install it on no more than a 25 devices though, due to fair-use policy. Avira promises you’ll be the first to get access to their future services for free.

Customer Service

You can expect to get help from the customer service only if you have a paid Avira package. Moreover, with Prime you get priority support. However, it should be noted that the quality of support is on the top. Users can contact assistants via live chat and phone, or issue a ticket. Besides, there’s an extensive Knowledge Base and FAQ section online ? this is where Free Package users can get help.

Bottom Line

Easy-to-use and lightweight app along with high scores from independent labs make Avira a solid pick for home users. The pricing is quite affordable, and you get a number of useful tools with paid packages. There is still some room for improvement: phishing protection is below-average, and it not so good at detecting offline threats during real-world testing. However, the company addresses criticism to meet customers? expectations and the latest industry standards. The latest edition proves this, and therefore we can expect to get even better product with future updates. All in all, you can always start with a free version: you won’t get some extras and customer support, but all Avira antivirus packages come with the same robust core protection.